“You’re Fired!”


Being fired can be a traumatic experience for an employee – and also for the employer if there are repercussions from the event. The process of letting an employee go should be well thought out and the reason for termination documented as much as possible. Wrongful termination can be a costly backlash to a Firm and it is hard to defend against because the evidence is often subjective. The reason for a termination may be justified such as incompetence, bad work habits, or the person may no longer be needed. The retaliation from the employee could be in the form of alleged discrimination or even harassment. The charge of sexual harassment is most insidious since it is difficult to defend and disprove. Often these cases are settled even if the charge is bogus. Businesses can protect themselves from the allegation of wrongful termination through the purchase of Employment Practices liability Insurance. This coverage is especially important for Firms that primarily have clerical personnel and where turnover may be frequent. However, any business is vulnerable and should consider purchasing insurance. Many employment litigation cases are settled-often for high amounts and therefore the defense cost element of the insurance program is critical. My advice would be to have a competent labor attorney as an ongoing resource to help prevent any unpleasantness resulting from a firing. Early counseling on a prospective firing would be much less expensive than defending an actual employment lawsuit. Legal advice coupled with insurance protection will help take the fear out of saying “you’re fired”.

The author of this blog, Guy Hatfield CPCU CIC, can be reached at 203.256.5660.

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