“Nanny State”



With so many parents both working these days, there has been a proliferation of mother’s helpers, nannies, and live-ins to help with the kids. If you are at a fancy cocktail party the term, of course, is “au pair” to refer to these employees. Yes, they are employees if they are “regularly” working for you and, as such, are entitled to workers compensation benefits from you, their employer. Unfortunately, the Ct. workers compensation statute doesn’t define the term “regularly”. You don’t have to worry about the occasional baby sitter or the boy that mows the lawn but it is an issue for those who are putting in an average of 26 hours a week. If those in the latter category were to be injured for any reason while on duty, they are entitled to full medical benefits and loss of pay. The homeowner policy will not respond because there is exclusion for those entitled to workers compensation. The solution is to purchase a domestic workers compensation policy, which will provide the benefits mandated by statute. The cost is usually around $1000 a year. The cost for a caregiver nurse is usually higher. If you get the person through a service, the latter may provide a policy for you. The policy will provide benefits for any employee you may have. It does not require names. At the end of the year the insurance carrier will review with you the final tally of salaries paid and may charge an extra premium if it is more than forecasted.

So if you are going to hire that cute girl from Norway, call your agent and discuss the necessity of workers compensation.

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